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Animals: Missouri Birds

These sites have information about several species of birds found in Missouri. The birds covered include the bluebird, ruby-throated hummingbird, red-headed woodpecker, and the great blue heron. Read about their physical appearance, habitat, behavior, diet, and nesting. Listen to their calls and view many photographs. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on birds.


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This Missouri Department of Conservation site includes extensive information about the Missouri state bird.
Follow the instructions of how to build a bluebird house or download the two-page PDF file for more detailed directions.
Learn about the seven types of woodpeckers found in Missouri. Click on "Next Page" to read about the other types.
Read about this bird found in Missouri. Learn about their appearance, feeding, nests, courtship, flight, and more. Includes directions for making a hummingbird feeder.
This handout diagrams the basic parts of the hummingbird's body and tells a little about it. NOTE: This site includes Google banner ads.
Read about appearance, diet, reproduction, habitat, and conservation of red-headed woodpeckers.
Here are some interesting facts and information about this Missouri woodpecker. Includes an audio clip of its call.
Read about appearance, diet, reproduction, habitat, and conservation of the great blue heron.
This printable page has a diagram of a heron's anatomy and some basic information about its diet and nesting habits. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
This site addresses the answers to 22 questions about birds found in the state of Missouri. Click on the "Photos" tab on the right side of the page to see photos of different types of birds found in the state.
This handout diagrams the basic parts of the bluebird and gives other physical information. NOTE: This site includes Google banner ads.
Learn detailed information about ways to identify the Eastern bluebird, see a map of where they can be found, and how they are related to other bluebirds. Click on the tabs to read about the history of bluebirds, hear them sing, and watch a short video.
These sites include information about several different types of birds, including a gallery of the official state birds. Learn about their physical characteristics and habitats and listen to their calls. View photographs, short videos, and live Webcams. Includes links to eThemes Resources on barn owls, raptors, and penguins.

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