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Native Americans: Kwakiutl

The Kwakiutl, or Kwakwaka’wakw, are the Native Americans who are famous for the potlatch. Learn about the potlatch, totem poles, and Kwakiutl culture. Sites include photographs, games, and crafts. Included is an eThemes resource on Native American culture.


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Read this entry to learn more about the Kwakiutl as well as the correct pronunciation of Kwakiutl. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has "Activities and Games" and "Native American Crafts."
Learn words and pronounciations of some Kwakiutl words. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about the Kwakiutl totem pole. Scroll down to see pictures. NOTE: The site includes ads.
See a picture of a Kwakiutl wearing the traditional mask.
Read this description of the Kwakiutl from Edward S Curtis' The North American Indian. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
Look at this picture of a Kwakiutl canoe.
Learn more about the cultures of various Native American tribes. Some sites emphasize that these are "live" cultures because there are more than a million American Indians living today. Watch videos of a powwow, read biographies of famous Native Americans, and view paintings and photographs. Includes population statistics on the largest tribes and information about the controversy over the use of Native Americans as school mascots.

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