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Literature: "The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System" by Joanna Cole

These sites are about “The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System” by Joanna Cole. There are interactive games, a Planets App to download to classroom iPads and integrated science lessons. Students can use what they’ve learned to construct models of the planets and solar system using the resources listed here. Included are eThemes resources on the solar system.


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Use this Planets App on classroom iPads to provide different ways to get information about objects in the sky. In the Sky 3D view, students can see a planetarium view of the sky that reveals stars, planets, constellations and more.
Use this video with students to explain why Pluto isn't a planet anymore. Facts are provided about the solar system in the "Did you know?" section.
This group activity invites students to learn about the planets and then decide which one they would like to visit on a vacation. Step-by-step lesson plans are provided. "Click" on Builders on the right for a Planetary Vacation visual.
StudyJams! hosts six animated instructional videos or slideshows on a variety of topics involving the solar system. Vocabulary words are taught and a brief quiz follows the videos.
Learn about space through this animated web series. Games, activity sheets, and a 3D Space Racer are just some of the components on this site.
NASA Kid's Club provides activities for school and at home. Using characters such as Elmo and Buzz Lightyear, kids can play interactive games and learn about space. Tips for educators and parents are given.
Here you can watch video clips from the television series, or find science activities to do with your class. Search or browse by theme.
Here are down-loadable cards and images of planets that you can use to customize your solar system lesson plan or project.
Here is a lesson plan on the solar system that integrates science, art, and writing, and uses "The Magic School Bus."
Use these images of the Earth and Moon taken from outer space to customize your solar system lesson.
This page contains information on the sizes of the planets in our solar system, including planetiod Pluto, and how they look relative to each other. Includes instructions for creating a model chart of the solar system.
Students can construct scale models of the solar system with these activity ideas. This is a 15-page PDF file.
Explore this site to find facts and information about our solar system and the planets in it. Includes images of planets and drawings by students.
This page contains galleries of images of the planets and other objects in our solar system.
These sites are about the solar system, the sun, moon, stars, and planets. Find out what are different the 8 planets. Learn about the planets' different climates and structures. Includes simulations, videos, and photographs. Also includes links to eThemes resources on planets, sun, and earth.

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