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Animals: Missouri Fish

These sites are about the different species of fish found in Missouri. See what they look like and learn more about their habitats and diets. Includes information about Missouri’s official state fish and state aquatic animal. There are maps and a video of where certain fish can be found. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Missouri mammals.


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This site is an excellent introduction to many Missouri fish. Includes photographs and brief descriptions.
Read about sturgeons in Missouri in the MDC online field guide. This type of fish is an endangered species.
Learn detailed information about the black carp, a fish found only in a few mid-western states, including Missouri. Read about its origins in China, view a map of where black carp are found in the United States, and its impact on other aquatic life. NOTE: The reading level for this site is advanced, but the information is useful.
This lesson plan is about Missouri's state fish, the catfish. Includes directions for making a model.
This lesson plan is about Missouri's state aquatic animal, the paddlefish. Includes instructions for building a model.
This is a brief description of channel catfish, which is Missouri's state fish.
This is a brief description of the channel catfish, which is Missouri's state fish.
Read fun facts about the channel catfish, Missouri's state fish, and view students' artwork.
Learn more about how kids are encouraged to go fishing in Missouri. The "trout parks" link identifies fish hatcheries found around the state, which you can visit.
Learn about how the bluegill can be known by different names including: perch, sunfish, and bream. Read how to identify this type of Missouri fish and find out tips for catching it.
Learn more about the walleye, a popular gamefish in North America, found in Missouri waters.
Read a brief description about the muskie, a Missouri freshwater fish that has a mouth full of teeth.
Learn more about the goggle-eye, a Missouri game-fish related to the bass and perch. View a map of where the goggle-eye can be found within the state.
Learn more about the crappie, the second most popular fish in Missouri, how to correctly pronounce its name, and find out where this fish can be found.
These sites are about Missouri mammals, including river otters, raccoons, coyotes, and beavers. Learn about the physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, and behavior of each species. Includes several photographs of these mammals and the tracks they leave. There are diagrams of some of the animals and their bodies. Linked are eThemes Resources on mammals and other Missouri animals such as bobcats, foxes, and the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

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