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Animals: Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

Read about Missouri’s official state horse, the Missouri Fox Trotter. Learn why its unusual gait makes it a popular horse. View a scanned image of the Missouri House Bill that the governor signed and other photographs of Missouri Fox Trotters. There are links to eThemes Resources on Horses and Missouri Mammals.


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Read about the standards, conformation, characteristics, and performance of the Missouri Fox Trotting horse.
Scroll down and click on "Missouri Fox Trotting Horse" for a brief history of Missouri Fox Trotters. Includes photographs.
Read about the different gaits of Missouri Fox Trotters and what they feel like to the rider.
This site has a picture and brief facts about Missouri Fox Trotters.
Read about the Fox Trotter horse, a state symbol of Missouri. Includes a photograph.
View a scanned image of the bill that makes the Missouri Fox Trotting horse the official state horse of Missouri. See Gov. Bob Holden's signature and the pen he used to sign the bill. NOTE: The link at the bottom takes you to a site with many external links that should be checked before sharing with students.
Browse through two albums that show photographs of the Missouri Fox Trotter. Click on the yellow "select album" tab to return to the album homepage.
Read about the history of the Missouri Fox Trotter, its recognition as a breed, and see photos of people riding Missouri Fox Trotters.
This is a 28-page PDF file, which includes all of the state symbols for the state of Missouri. Scroll down to pages 22 and 23 to read and print information about the Missouri Fox Trotter and also a coloring book page.
These sites are about Missouri mammals, including river otters, raccoons, coyotes, and beavers. Learn about the physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, and behavior of each species. Includes several photographs of these mammals and the tracks they leave. There are diagrams of some of the animals and their bodies. Linked are eThemes Resources on mammals and other Missouri animals such as bobcats, foxes, and the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.
Learn about different horse breeds and how to properly groom and feed a horse. There are videos, many photographs, online games, coloring pages, and more. Includes and eThemes resource on paint horses and one on zebras.

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