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Reading Skills: Inference for Middle School Students

These websites are about using inference while reading. Find out why inference skills are important and how to infer while reading. Includes lessons, activities, and graphic organizers. There are links to eThemes Resources on Teaching Tips: Inference and Inference for Elementary School Students.


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This 8-page PDF provides a plan for teaching middle school students about inference.
This Pinterest board features instructional materials and ideas for teaching inference to middle school students. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
This Prezi presentation provides an overview of teaching inference from primary to high school.
This 13-page PDF provides resources for helping middle school students practice making inferences.
This site provides a lesson for teaching students about making inferences; includes an overview, lesson details, screenshots, puzzles, and notes. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
This site includes strategies for teaching students about the skill of inference while reading. Also includes a list of books with which to use the inference strategy. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Learn about strategies for drawing inferences and then complete the five exercises that follow. Includes an answer key to check your answers.
Learn how to read between the lines and test your abilities with three reading activities. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Play this fun interactive game and test your inference skills.
This short article explains what is meant by inference and uses several short examples to illustrate the process.
Here is an article that explains and illustrates the different levels of reading comprehension. This is a five-page PDF file.
This is a lesson plan for teaching inference skills to advanced readers.
This article explains what inference is and how the process of inference works. Follow the links at the bottom for further reading.
Read about how to make inferences, then watch an animated movie about the technique. NOTE: This site requires that you pay a subscription fee to view content.
These websites are about the importance of inference while reading and how to teach students inference skills. There are activity ideas, lesson plans, and graphic organizers. Some lesson plans are about using inference during the scientific process. There are links to eThemes on inference for elementary school students and inference for middle school students.
These websites will help elementary students learn how to infer while reading. There are activities, graphic organizers, and short lessons on inference. Includes a link on inference for middle school students.

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