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Human Body: Eyes

These sites explain how the eyes work. Learn about all parts of eyes and their functions, how we can see things, and how to take care of your eyes. Includes interactive anatomy, games, online quizzes, and links to eThemes resources on physics of light and the five senses.


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This homeschooling anatomy site, includes resources on eyes and sight, including links to a short video about how light enters the eye, information on the anatomy of the eye; anatomy, physiology & pathology of the human eye; cow's eye dissection; the exploratorium: seeing; eye anatomy; eye anatomy and function; an eye on color; eye site; how we see colors; joy of visual perception; safe eyes quiz; vision experiments for kids; and webvision. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides information about the structure of your eyes and how they enable you to see. Click `Sight animation' to see how eyes work.
Learn about different parts of the eye from this diagram. The site also includes information about light, lens, the brain, and interactions among them.
Learn how to protect your eyes from injury and possible blindness. Interesting facts about eyes are included.
This site includes information about various parts of the eye, how they function, eye terms, eye diseases, and illustrations. See interactive pictures of lens changing shape when see a near or far object and a shor clip of LASIK operation.
This site includes information about anatomy of eyes, common eye diseases, and basic functions of the eye. It includes games and activities such as visual simulation, stereogram, blind spot test, and quiz.
This site includes an interactive quiz about the eye, a crossword puzzle about vision, an interactive word search game about the eye, lesson plan, and experiments and activities about vision. Scroll down the page to find those activities.
These sites cover the five senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Includes information about the different body organs that our senses use and animals and their unique senses. There are class activity ideas and an online game about the senses. Includes link to an eThemes Resource on disability awareness.
These sites are about visible light and the color spectrum. Learn the basic concepts of color theory including the color wheel, additive and subtractive colors, reflection, and refraction. Try the online color blindness test. There is also information about the speed of light and how the eye works.

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