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Animals: Porcupines

These sites are about porcupines, their habitats, diet, and behaviors. Learn about the many different types of porcupines and where they are found. There is an audio file, video, quiz, fast facts, and many pictures.


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This site provides detailed information, fast facts, photographs and brief videos of many kinds of porcupines.
Learn facts about the North American Porcupine on this web page, including its physical characteristics, life cycle, and behavior. Click any of the pictures for a larger view.
Did you know that there are 23 different species of porcupines? Get the facts about their range, habitats, life cycle, diet, and more with this animal profile. Includes a slideshow, science project, and craft idea.
Here are pictures and plaster casts of porcupine tracks. NOTE: This site links to an online store.
This page has fast facts about North American porcupines, including a map of its range and an illustration of porcupine anatomy.
Here are pictures, information, and a printable factsheet. Listen to an audio file of a porcupine grunting. NOTE: This site contains ads.
See how effective a porcupine's quills are as a defense. This short video shows a confrontation between an African Porcupine and a pride of lions. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here is a porcupine printout and a short article about them. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Learn all about Native American uses for porcupine quills and see many examples of quill embroidery on this informative site.

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