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Animals: Owl Pellets

Discover how investigating owl pellets can reveal information about owls, their habitats, eating habits, and their place in the food chain. Learn how to dissect pellets, record findings, and analyze them. Includes online dissection practice, games, puzzles, video and audio files, lesson plans, and other activities. There are links to eThemes resources on barn owls and raptors.


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Discover how owl pellets can tell about the bird, its diet, and its habitat. Explore links at the left to learn more about owls.
Find out what you can discover in owl pellets and how to dissect them. Click on links to dissect owl pellets on line and find out what the birds had for lunch. Click on the "Virtual Owl Pellet" for another interactive dissection and rebuild a mouse' skeleton. Select the links at the left: "Pellet Information", "Owl Species Info", and "Just for Fun!" to learn more about owls, their pellets, and play games. NOTE: The site has a link to a forum.
Learn about owls found in Missouri, their behavior, habitats, and food. Click on the "Owl Fact Sheet" to read more about owls.
This page explains what pellets are and where and how to find them.
Learn about owls eating habits then print out the PDF bone chart and follow procedures to dissect, retrieve, and record found mammals bones. Analyze findings and construct a food chain.
Here is a lesson plan for dissecting owl pellets. NOTE: The site includes ads. NOTE: The site leads to websites with a forum for teachers.
This commercial web site sells owl pellets. Students can learn where and for how much owl pellets can be purchased.
This site offers owl pellets and study kits for school science classes.
These sites have information about barn owls, owl pellets, and the children's book "There's an Owl in the Shower." There are links to eThemes Resources on spotted owls, food chains, and raptors.
These sites have information about various raptors, including Screech Owls, Great Horned Owls, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Bald Eagles. Many sites contain audio and video clips, plus a Webcam. Includes links to eThemes Resources on barn owls and spotted owls.

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