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Country: Germany

These sites about Germany have information on the country’s history, regions, and traditions. See a live view from a Webcam, listen to the country’s national anthem, learn some basic German words, and follow the instructions for German recipes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the Holocaust.


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This site has a map and many quick facts about Germany for older students.
Use the links on the left to watch a video about Germany or to view 360-degree panoramic photographs.
Browse through this list of famous Austrians, Germans, and Swiss including Bach, Beethoven, Steffi Graf, and more. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site for older students includes an overview of facts about Germany as well as audio files of famous moments in Germany's history. Listen to the German national anthem. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to a discussion board.
Students can print out and label this outline map of Germany.
This is a quiz about the German flag and includes an illustration for students to color.
These links for kids lead to pages that have illustrations and pronunciation keys for speaking the German language.
This encyclopedia entry includes information about the land, people, economy, and history of Germany. NOTE: Site includes banner ads.
Read this about a German king who loved to build castles.
Explore this interactive exhibit about the history and consequences of the Berlin wall. There is also an essay and a quiz.
This site has information about the Grimm brothers and their fairy tales, plus points out locations of interest.
On this site you will find out about life for kids in Germany. Topics include school, sports, hobbies, and free time.
Description These sites are about the Holocaust and the devastating impact that it had on Jewish people and others. Also includes information about Adolf Hitler, concentration camps, crematoriums, and resistance fighters. There are videos of survivors talking about their experiences, plus many photos. Includes links to eThemes Resources on World War II and "The Diary of Anne Frank."
These are sites to help kids learn about the German language and culture. There are games and activities where students can practice listening and speaking, interactive games, quizzes, video, and audio files. Students can also read about German holidays, customs, food and drink, and the German school system. Included is a link to eThemes resources on the country of Germany and the Holocaust.

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