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Schools in the Nineteenth Century

These links are all about schools during the nineteenth century. Read about a typical schoolday and view timelines of the education system in America. There is a link to an eThemes resource on schools in the twentieth century.


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This PBS website is all about the history of public education in America. Includes timelines and videos.
This student created website includes information about schools in the early 1800s. Click on "Mid-1800s" to learn about school later in the nineteenth century.
Read about the common school period in American education and about how education became available to the masses.
Scroll down to see photographs of a rural schoolhouse from the 1800s.
Click on the links to see photographs of schools, students, and teachers in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century.
Find out what was expected of elementary school students in the late 1800s.
Read this short article about schools in Utah from the 1800s to modern times.
What was it like to go to school in the late 1800's and early 1900's? How big were the schools, how many grades? Investigates clothing, games, songs, and lifestyles.

Education Standards


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