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Technology: SMART Response System (Senteo)

These sites provide ideas for SMART Response classroom usage as well as technical resources. Learn how to set up the system and how to create an assessment for use with the SMART Response System. Includes tutorials, question sets, and question templates. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Teaching Tips: SMART Board Resources and Math: Smart Board Activities.


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These are reference guides for setting up the Senteo, creating an assessment, and more available in PDF file format to download.
Watch this 2-minute tutorial to learn how to build a class list by Senteo Manager. NOTE: Flash is required to view the tutorial.
This six-page PDF file provides a guideline for designing an assessment using the Senteo.
This is a 2-minute tutorial demonstrating how to create an assessment. NOTE: Thew video takes about 30 seconds to one minute to load.
Here are question sets and templates for assessments created by Kennebunk teachers.
This page has Math and Science Senteo test templates available for download. NOTE: A member login is required for download. Signing up for a membership is free.
These sites provide SMART Board resources for various subjects and grade levels. There are downloadable lessons, interactive websites, templates, interactive videos, and teaching ideas. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Math: Smart Board Activities.
These sites have smart board activities for geometry, number and operation concepts, functions and algebra, fractions, and statistics. Explore the many different applets. Included is an eThemes Resource for Geometry for Junior and High School.

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