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Restaurant Franchise Ownership

Learn about franchise ownership in the in restaurant industry. The topics cover costs and benefits of owning a franchise, process of opening a franchise restaurant, criteria for evaluating the franchise opportunities, and franchise terminology. Includes franchise database and list of the restaurant chains that students can explore. There are links to eThemes Resources on budgets and basic concepts of economics.


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Learn about starting a franchise by exploring various online resources. Learn the pros and cons of a franchise, researching and analyzing franchise opportunities, and factors to consider selecting the franchise. NOTE: Site has links to external websites.
This 54-page PDF file has comprehensive information on an introduction to franchising. Includes common franchise terms, alternatives to franchising, advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise, legal issues in franchising, criteria for selecting a franchise, franchise agreements, evaluating a franchise, and more.
This site provides information about the franchise business. Click on "Learn About Franchising" to get information about how to select and run a franchise successfully. Includes search engines for the top franchises, home-based franchises, franchise 500, low-cost franchises, and articles related to franchises. NOTE: Site includes ads and a link to blog.
Find out what type of franchises you can afford by filling the form. NOTE: Site includes ads.
This site has a database of restaurant and food-related franchises. You can search by company name, category, and investment amount. Includes quick profiles and basic information of a company.
Learn about franchise opportunities at Subway. Start researching by following the "Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps" link.
Learn about franchise opportunities at McDonald's. Includes information on franchisee qualifications, financing, training, the application process, and more.
Find out franchise opportunities at Little Caesars Pizza. Learn why to franchise, what are the costs for franchisee, and what are supports the franchiser provides.
Learn about franchise opportunities at Panera. Includes information on franchisee's qualifications, financing, training, and more.
Learn about franchise opportunities at Papa John's Pizza, both in the U.S. and international. Includes information on franchisee support, requirements and fees, FAQ's, and more.
Find out how to become a franchisee of Cold Stone. Includes information on the franchise including an overview, facts on ownership, investment requirements, and steps to becoming a franchisee.
The Yum! Brands provide multibranding franchise opportunities with KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Long John Silver's. Click on "Franchise Process" to get more information about becoming a franchisee. Includes a step-by-step timeline, start-up cost worksheet, ideal candidate profiles, and more.
Click on "Franchise Information" to learn more about its history, franchise opportunities, and franchise fees and processes.
These resources are about budgets and personal financial planning. Here you can find information about the importance of budgeting, separating needs from wants, calculators, and worksheets. There are lessons and activities to give students the opportunity to practice budget decision making, and money management tips for college bound students. Included is an eThemes resource on personal finance for younger students.
Learn about various economic concepts, including supply and demand, opportunity costs, natural, human, and capital resources. Includes many class activities, several online quizzes, and interactive games. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on taxes and economics terms.

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