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Literature: "Night of the Twisters" by Ivy Ruckman

These websites are about the book “Night of the Twisters” by Ivy Ruckman. Includes author biography, activity ideas, lesson plans, and games that go along with the book. There are also lesson plans for weather activities. Includes a link to eThemes Resource on Tornadoes.


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This site features an article about an author visit to a school by Ivy Ruckman. The author relates her experience with a tornado which later turned into the book, Night of the Twisters.
These interactive games aim to help students understand the terms used in the novel.
In this lesson plan, students will engage in various activities which aims to increase their comprehension of Night of the Twister.
Here are online activities covering the comprehension of the book content and information on the author.
These one-month long activities will help students understand the key concepts of cloud formation, air pressure, and local weather patterns. Note: This site has links to external websites.
These sites contain basic information about tornadoes with illustrations, photographs, and many dramatic videos. Also includes safety procedures to follow during tornado watches and warnings. See U.S. maps that locate high-risk tornado areas and browse through tables of statistics. Try the hands-on activities.

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