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Animals: Cardinals

These sites have information about cardinals, also known as redbirds. Learn about their life cycle, habitat, diet, and more. Learn how to make a bird feeder to attract cardinals, or listen to a recording of their song. Includes an eThemes resource on birds.


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Learn all about Northern Cardinals, or redbirds, with the information on this page. Includes facts, photos, maps, and audio recordings of their call.
Here are lots of images of Northern Cardinals. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image or view as a slideshow.
What do cardinals look like? Where do they live, and what do they eat? Find out these things as well as the life cycle, habitat, behavior, and more.
This site provides ideas for making different kinds of bird feeders that will attract a variety of species, including cardinals, and the kinds of food that they like to eat.
Here you can find out how you can take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count that takes place in February. Explore the links to find out more about this event and how you can participate in the scientific study of birds.
What do cardinals like to eat? Find out what their preferred food is here, as well as that of other songbirds.
Learn facts about the different species of cardinals and their close relatives on this site. Includes illustrations.
Here are facts about the Northern Cardinal and a printable labeled image.
Here is a printable image of a cardinal.
This two-page PDF file contains an article for parents and educators about birdwatching for kids.
These sites include information about several different types of birds, including a gallery of the official state birds. Learn about their physical characteristics and habitats and listen to their calls. View photographs, short videos, and live Webcams. Includes links to eThemes Resources on barn owls, raptors, penguins, and cardinals.

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