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Science: Properties of Rocks and Soil

These sites have information about rocks and soil. Learn about their different properties, how rocks are made, and how soil is formed. There are interactive pages, quizzes, and many ideas for in-class activities. Included are three related eThemes resources on soil, rocks, and erosion.


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Here is a fun resource for learning all about rocks. Click on Rock Slide Show to learn basic facts about ten different types of rocks.
This one-page PDF file contains an activity for younger students to help them learn the different properties of rocks, soil, and water.
Here are four classroom activity ideas for teaching students about rocks and soil.
This four-page PDF file contains information about how soil is formed from bedrock and fun science activities for learning about the properties of soil.
Students can learn about different soil qualities and the importance of fertile soil to plant growth with this lesson activity.
This exhibit lets you discover the rich world of soil and tiny creatures. Make sure to transmogrify first to get used to the change of being half an inch tall. Requires the Quicktime plugin.
This children's museum site explains how different rocks are formed.
This site contains information about rocks and minerals, including facts, jokes, and sayings. Includes several activity ideas for learning about rocks.
Learn the difference between dirt and soil. Also read descriptions of topsoil, subsoil, parent material, and bedrock. Click on "Soil Safari" to play an interactive game based on soil.
Learn the importance of soil on this site. There are lots of activities to explore, including amazing facts, coloring pages, a journey into the soil, and a quiz.
These sites have information about various types of soil. Learn about the components of soil such as sand, clay, silt, and humus, and read how soil is formed and why it is useful to us. There are hands-on activities and science experiments. Includes links to eThemes Resources on erosion, recycling, earthworms, and rocks and minerals.
These sites describe various rocks and minerals. Learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and some of the more common minerals. Includes hands-on activities, games, photographs, and two animated movies. There are links to eThemes Resources on fossils and erosion.
These sites focus on the process and effects of weathering and erosion. See examples of landslides, valleys, and other results of erosion and weathering. Includes animations, lesson plans, experiment ideas, and movie clips. There are links to eThemes Resources on rocks and minerals, Missouri's landforms, and agriculture: soil.

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