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Missouri History: Joplin

These sites provide information about the history of Joplin, Missouri. Learn about the history, economy, architecture, and historical sites of this once mining capital of the world. Includes information on famous people from Joplin, photographs, maps, and primary documents. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Missouri Regions: An Overview and Missouri: Famous People.


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Learn about the history and development of Joplin from historical postcards.
This booklet is comprised of 125 photographic records of Joplin, Missouri in 1902.
Browse through the Joplin 1913 Picture Booklet to view photographs of primary documents, businesses, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial enterprises during that time.
This page provides information about Joplin, Missouri and stories along the famous Route 66. NOTE: The map has a broken link.
These are maps from the Tri-State Mining map collection that document lead and zinc mining in Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, and Northeast Oklahoma.
This document serves as a comprehensive photographic record of the tri-state mining district. In the book, it has photos of mines and mining-related businesses in all of southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma.
This site includes press releases, fact sheets, and other information related to the 2011 tornado which struck the city and the subsequent recovery from the damages.
Learn about Langston Hughes who was an American poet, novelist, writer, and a columnist. Includes primary documents.
This site provides information about biography, career, and pictures of Hale Irwin, Joplin born golf legend.
Find information Jamie McMurray, a NASCAR driver. Includes biography and pictures. Note: This site has a link to discussion forums and includes ads.
These sites have information about the different regions in Missouri. Learn more about the history, economy, population statistics, natural resources, state parks, and historical sites in each region. Many links include maps of the regions. There are links to eThemes Resources focusing on each of the 10 regions in Missouri.
Learn about famous Missourians both living and deceased including Laura Ingalls Wilder, Walt Disney, Samuel Clemens, and Daniel Boone. There is a Missouri person WebQuest, a video on Samuel Clemens, and a link to an eThemes Resource on famous Missouri women.

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