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Special Education: Handwriting Skills for Students with Autism

These websites contain information about how to help Autistic students having difficulties with handwriting skills. Includes interventions to facilitate handwriting skills as well as some practice exercises to improve handwriting skills.


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Teach handwriting to children with autism using the activities and methods contained in this eight page printable and downloadable PDF file from the Leicestershire Autism Outreach Service. This resource also contains background information and insights into the challenges that those with autism spectrum disorder face in learning handwriting skills.
See these handwriting lesson plans and ideas that are generated to help children with autism to become more successful with handwriting tasks.
Learn about Autistic students and strategies for supporting students with Autistim.
Learn how to teach handwriting to children with autism spectrum disorder or Asperger Syndrome using the Handwriting Without Tears method. NOTE: While this website does offer some free information, its ultimate aim is to sell a product.
Learn helpful tips on teaching autistic students from someone who has overcome autism. These tips are general in nature but some may be applicable to teaching autistic students handwriting.
This web provide information about teaching outline on handwriting and some practice activities related to handwriting problems.

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