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These websites are about weather. Learn the basics about temperature, clouds, and storms. There are interactive games and quizzes, printable activities, and science experiments that you can try.


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This site explains everything you need to know about reading temperatures. There are printable worksheets for extra practice and self-grading online quizzes.
This is a fun interactive site that explains basic weather terms by using graphics. Terms include wind, visibility, and precipitation. Requires Flash to run the interactive version.
Learn all about thunder and lightening on this site, including lightening facts and how to stay safe during a thunderstorm.
Learn what to do in a tornado on this site. Includes stories from kids who have lived through tornadoes.
Click through these pages for basic weather information, illustrations, and activity ideas for elementary students. There are also music clips that help explain weather concepts. NOTE: This site offers the "Weather Dude" music CD for sale.
Learn about clouds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards on this site that includes animations, quizzes, and sound effects. There are also games, stories, and science activities.
Here are complete PDF booklets about weather and safetly that can be downloaded, printed, and colored.
Try this simple science activity to enhance learning about tornadoes.
Answer these questions about weather. If you don't know the answers, you can use the Little Explorers online dictionary for help.
Here is an index of printable activities with a weather theme.
This site lets you make a virtual snowflake by cutting up paper with scissors and viewing the results. You can also browse the gallery to see what others have made.

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