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Chemistry: Mixtures and Solutions

These sites provide information about the chemistry of mixtures and solutions. Learn what mixtures and solutions are made of, what their properties are, how to separate components of mixtures, and methods of separation. There are examples of mixtures encountered in daily life, classroom activities, experiments, interactive games, and animations. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Chromatography


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Learn what mixtures are and take a quiz at the end of the page. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Discover examples of mixtures that can be found in every life. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out what solutions are and how they are different from mixtures. Includes a quiz at the end of a page. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn basic concepts of mixtures and solutions from an interactive junkyard. Includes movies, FAQ, and vocabulary related to the topics.
Learn about different ways of separating mixtures. Includes the process of making rock salt pure and making water pure.
Learn what the mixtures are and how they are different from compounds. Includes examples. NOTE: There is a link to a Message Board.
Try different bleaching agents to see how it can make water clean.
Click the "Start" button to see animations of different ways to separate mixtures. NOTE: There is a link to a Message Board.
Separate the substance in mixtures by using the proper tool. Then observe and record the results.
This site provides interactive games that go along with the separating mixtures topic.
Students learn about chromatography from a hands-on activity.
This page has teaching materials in pdf, PowerPoint, and Word. Note: This site includes ads and a link to discussion forums.
This is an interactive Millionaire game format by identify the 4 classifications of matter - mixtures, solutions, elements, compounds.
Play jumbled word to test how much you know about vocabularies related to solutions.
In chromatography experiment, students experiment with different pens and dyes, using easily available materials.
This site has various lesson plans and activities for teaching mixtures & solutions unit.
These websites are about chromatography. Includes information about using chromatography for ink identification. There are several lesson plans, experiments, and an interactive story. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on Forensic Science.

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