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Animals: Starfish Discuss this eTheme.

These websites are about starfish, or sea stars. There are lots of facts, pictures, and craft activities. You can watch a video of starfish moving across the ocean floor, learn songs about starfish, make a model of a starfish, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on Ocean animals.


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This page has basic information about starfish and a picture. Explore the links at the bottom to learn more about the tide pools in which they live.
Learn interesting facts about how the starfish lives, eats, and protects itself. This site also includes pictures of sea stars and other underwater sea creatures. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Here are quick facts about the common starfish. Find out about their distribution, habitat, diet, and behavior. Select another kind of starfish from the drop-down menu to learn about a different species.
This site, written by students, has lots of facts about starfish, or sea stars.
This one-page color PDF file has information about four different species of sea star.
This is an encyclopedia article about sea stars and includes information about their tentacles, tube feet, and classification. NOTE: This site contains banner ads and a pop-up.
Here is some information about sea stars along with an image and a link to other echinoderm printouts. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Here is a starfish craft activity that you can try in your classroom. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Here is some information about brittle stars, which are close relatives of sea stars, along with an image that you can print. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Here are printable images of ocean animals, including starfish, that can be used in classroom projects.
Watch this time-lapse movie of starfish moving around on the ocean floor.
Learn about echinoderms, the group of animals that includes sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sand dollars. This page has lots of facts about echinoderms and several color pictures.
You can make a model of a brittle star with this craft activity. This is also available as a printable PDF file.
Here are a few facts about sea stars along with a colorful photograph.
Find out what and how sea stars eat on this informative page.
Students can learn about sea stars, where they live, and how they eat with these activities. Learn a song about sea stars, build a sea star, learn to sort sea stars, and more.
Meet the real animals behind the characters, including fun facts about the species with this one-page color PDF file.
Print this picture of sea stars and anemones to color.
Here is an image of a starfish that you can color. Use the "Print Preview" to expand this image to 125 percent for a full page image.
Here is another image of a starfish for coloring. Use the "Print Preview" to expand this image to 125 percent for a full page image.
Learn more about the hundreds of creatures that live in the oceans and seas. Includes many photos and videos, audio files, and real-time images from Webcams. The animals covered include whales, jellyfish, dolphins, sea turtles, seahorses, and more. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Geography: Oceans and Animals: Sharks.

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