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Local Government: Mayor

These sites list the duties of mayors for different cities. Includes information about having a classroom election. There are voter registration cards, ballots, graphic organizers, and more.


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Take a virtual tour of City Hall for an overview of how city governments work. Find out what the mayor does, who the city council are, and what kind of city offices there are.
This site says that all citizens have the responsibility to vote in elections.
This page contains general information about what local governments do and suggests several learning activities for teachers and parents.
This lesson introduces students to the idea that city governments provide goods and services by collecting taxes from their citizens.
Click through these questions to test your understanding of what state and local taxes pay for.
This is the mayor's site for the city of Rogers, Arkansas. Find out what the mayor does on this page.
This page shows the organization of the city government for the city of Columbia, Missouri. This is a one-page PDF file.
This is a directory of official state, county, and city government websites. See if you can find your own city's website here.
Search this site for information on local governments by state. Each state profile contains links to every city's government website where available. See what you can learn about your own city.
Try this word search that uses words related to city government.
This Venn diagram can be used by students to compare two candidates.
This KWL chart can be filled out for the topic of mayors or elections.
Here are some instructions for creating a voting booth.
Print out this page and have students fill it out to identify the campaign issues.
Print this page to help organize your thoughts for a campaign speech.
Print these ballots for use in a classroom election. This is a one-page PDF file.
This form can be used to have students register to vote.
Use this worksheet to list how two candidates are alike and different. This is a one-page PDF file.

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