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Math: Subtraction Across Zero

Learn how to subtract across zeros and regroup numbers. There are interactive tutorials, powerpoint slides, math games, worksheets, and word problems. There are also links to eThemes Resource on subtraction and addition.


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A 21-slide PowerPoint shows how to subtract across zero by borrowing from neighbors. Includes a short test at the end of slides.
Learn how to regroup numbers to subtract across zeros from an interactive illustration.
Use base blocks to demonstrate subtraction across zeros to student. You can drag blocks to different columns to show regrouping and subtracting. Click "Instructions" for a guide on this interactive.
Scroll down to "Lesson 8" for an interactive tutorial, a game, and a self check quiz on subtracting across zeros.
A two-page pdf worksheet has questions and word problems for practicing subtracting across zeros.
A two-page pdf worksheet has word problems on amount of calories in foods.
Scroll to chapter 8 for math problems on subtraction across zeros.
Learn how to subtract using the rule of regrouping. These sites have online lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and a rhyme that can help kids to understand how regrouping works. Includes printable worksheets and puzzles, online exercises and games. This page also includes a link to another eThemes resource on addition and subtraction.
These sites have interactive games, quizzes, and activities for addition and subtraction. There are also flashcards and sample questions you can print out. Includes links to eThemes Resources on place value, rounding, multiplication, and word problems.

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