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Animals: Tigers

These sites include reasons why tigers are endangered, tiger conservation efforts and what can be done to help, and tigers’ natural habitat and distribution. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Siberian tigers and white tigers.


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A well-designed site that contains information about tiger species, video, and images available for free downloads. Solutions includes a short list of other resources and Save Tigers Online features a list of books about tigers.
This foundation is dedicated to the conservation of tigers, education about them, and animal welfare. The site is a clearinghouse of information about the organization and about issues concerning wild and captive tigers and other big cats.
This article from FWS News comments on the 1998 Act. The reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
This University of Missouri student organization works to raise awareness about the endangered status of their school's mascot, the bengal tiger. On this page you will find facts, quizzes, games, and activities about tigers.
This page has quick facts about tigers and links to more in-depth, related PBS programming. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
This site describes ongoing tiger conservation efforts. Includes information about Indias culture as well as its land and animals. The Snapshot Tour allows you to explore various regions. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
This site describes how endangered tigers survive in Bandhavgarh National Park, a remote nature preserve. Includes a photo essay, short video, and lesson plan. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
This page has lots of factual information about tigers.
This page has lots of information about tigers, including a map showing their historic range in the wild compared to what it is today, photo galleries, a printable fact sheet, an interactive quiz, and more.
Here is an overview of the threats facing tigers and what they need to survive. Watch the animated map to see how the tiger population has changed in the last 50 years.
Here are facts about tigers, print-outs that you can color, and a tiger quiz. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Learn about white tigers, which are a special type of animal belonging to the Bengal tiger species. Find out what causes their unique coloring and why they are not considered to be albino. There are many photographs and links to eThemes Resources on tigers and Siberian tigers.
Learn about the Siberian tiger, the largest of the wild cats. Includes basic facts about this endangered animals' unusual coloring, behavior, habitat, and diet. There are video clips, photographs, and an online game, plus a link to eThemes Resources on tigers and white tigers.

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