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Country: Mexico

Learn about the geography, culture, art, cuisine, celebrations, symbols of Mexico, and listen to the pronunciation of Spanish words. There are links to eThemes resources on Mexican traditions and holidays, Aztec, Maya, Western Civilizations, Latin America culture, and Cinco de Mayo celebration. Includes images of people, currency, cities, maps, and quizzes.


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Use interactive map to learn about Mexican cities. Select a "Currency Converter" link to convert American dollar into Mexican peso. Select a "Worksheets" quick link at the bottom of the page for the topic related worksheets.
Learn about Mexico from kids' point of view.
Read a kid's report on Mexico and listen to the Mexican national anthem.
Learn about modern Mexico and follow links at the top to find out about Mayan ruins left in many cities of the country. NOTE: This site includes ads.
See a large map of Mexico to get you acquainted with the country.
Print out this PDF and color the map of Mexico.
This site has many facts about Mexico.
Use interactive icons in the classroom to learn about Mexican explorers and conquistadors, animals and crafts, history and geography. Learn Spanish, view map of the country and take a quiz.
This PDF printout includes count to ten in Spanish and a numbers-words matching game.
This page has a number of links to quizzes, flash cards, and interactive games on Spanish grammar and vocabulary.
After reading the ingredients in some Mexican recipes, look up the words to find out more about a food item. NOTE: The site includes online store.
Learn about Mexican culture, art, traditions, and holiday celebrations. Includes photographs, audio, in class activities, and lesson plans.
Students can learn about the Aztec history, culture, and gods. Included are videos, maps, and photographs. Two eThemes resource on Native American culture and chocolate are provided.
These websites are about the Mayas and their culture. There are lesson plans, maps, timelines, quizzes, and cartoons. There is information about their culture, government, religion, and more. Includes a link to eTheme resources on Native Americans: Maya and Ancient Western Civilizations.
Explore the ancient civilizations of the Maya, Inca, Aztec, Cahokia, and Anasazi. Includes pictures, audio clips of music, and 360-degree virtual realities.
These sites include information about the history of Cinco de Mayo, its significance to Mexican people, and the battle between Mexican and French troops. Celebrations, culture, and costumes are included. There are links to eThemes resources on Mexico and Latin American Culture.
These sites are about the culture and life of the people of Latin America and Latin Americans in the United States. There is information about Latin American music, dance, art, and heritage. One site for girls has information about blending Latin American and American heritage. Includes links to eThemes on South America and various countries in Latin America.

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