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Crafts: Hands-On Activities

These sites have numerous craft ideas for elementary children. Various supplies from paper and glue to more expensive items are required. The projects include jewelry, papier mache, paper making, recycled materials, and some recipes.


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Papercut is an artform originating from China. This paper craft is used to decorate rooms and especially windows.
Try these simple crafts for kids. Includes printing, papier mache, recycled materials, and painting.
Activity ideas using pottery or cloth. Learn about weaving, quilting, and basketry then choose a project to make.
This site has lots of craft ideas from all over the world.
Fun crafts and activities for different seasons. Includes some jewelry projects also.
This is an extensive list of craft ideas using recycled materials. Click on the type of material to find the art/recycling activities to make.
This site offers lots of craft projects. You can print out the instruction sheets also. There are pop-up ads.
Step by step instructions for making your own paper.
Click on "Art Class" for paper planes, papier mache, and more craft ideas.
Fun craft and project ideas. There are pop-up ads on this site.

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