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Health: Diet and Nutrition

These sites are about good nutrition and healthy diets. Learn about the food pyramid and how food is good for the body. Topics include how to read food labels and look for additives. There are also online games and quizzes about nutrition.


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Developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this nutritional site was launched as part of First Lady, Michelle Obama's campaign to end childhood obesity.
Encourages girls to eat healthy to keep their growing bodies and bones strong. Tips on sports, recipes, and educator and parent information are included to help girls stay strong.
Follow six middle school students as they experience the interaction of the food they eat and their changing bodies. Many subjects are explored such as the dearth of the family dinner, cultural differences and athletic performance. Uses a serial story to convey topics.
This is a fun site to learn about nutrition with interesting games for kids and interactive nutrition tools and tips for parents and educators.
This is a fun and educational site about cows and milk with facts, contests, games and recipes.
This site provides healthy and kid friendly recipes for lunches, snacks and meals. Included are recipes for kids with cystic fibrosis, diabetes, celiac disease, and lactose intolerance.
This site provides recipes for healthy foods and treats, dining decision game, and tips for packing safe meals.
This link provides games, downloads for student activities, and songs.
This site covers food pyramids, food safety, and nutrition labels. Includes a coloring sheet and online quiz.
Choose a grade level from 1-6 and play interactive games like matching food groups or disaster kitchen. Chapter 4 at each level covers nutrition.
This site teaches nutrition the fun and easy way. It includes ideas for healthy shopping lists. There are also interactive games about healthy eating.
Kids can read nutrition facts, play online games, and get creative recipes for kids. There is also information for teachers on using this program in the classroom.
Students can learn what foods are good for the body and lower cholesterol. Then take a quiz in "Just for Kids."
The Coolfood Kidz talk all about diet and nutrition. Learn 10 tips for being healthy, read why breakfast is important, and take a quiz.
Student can test their knowledge of food safety with this online quiz.
Use this page to learn how to decode the information on nutrition labels.
You may have heard about soy in the news. What is soy? Learn some facts about soy and how it can be part of a healthy diet with the information on this page.
A vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat meat. Learn about different kinds of vegetarian diets and how vegetarians can eat a balanced diet.
What is a food allergy? Can kids with allergies eat the same foods as kids without? Find out which foods cause the most allergies, what a reaction is like, learn about living with allergies, and more with the information on this site.
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) changed the Food Guide Pyramid in 2005 to help people better understand how to eat a healthy diet. This page explains the messages in the new symbol.
Learn about My Pyramid with the worksheets, coloring pages, or interactive computer game found on this site.
This site for younger kids has games, coloring pages, and puzzles about fruits and vegetables.
This site contains lots of information about calcium, why it is an important nutrient, and what foods you can eat to get the most of it in your diet.
Explore this site for games, activities, experiments, and more to help kids learn how to make healthy food choices and stay active.
Watch this short movie starring Tim and Moby, then take the pop quiz. Click on FYI for further information about nutrition. NOTE: This site is available by subscription only.
Find out about nutrition and see a "Beverage Pyramid," which tells you where beverages can fit into the food pyramid. There is also a game section.

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