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Pony Express

These sites are about the Pony Express. Includes maps of the route and a biography on one of the founders. Read about the history of this 1860-1861 mail delivery system.


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Read this student report on the history of the Pony Express.
Explore the links to find out more about the Pony Express.
Find out some quick facts about the Pony Express. There are also maps and a list of the Pony Express riders. The virtual tour of the museum is not working.
Museum located in St. Joseph, MO. Use sidebar links to find out the history as well as when you might visit this museum.
This history of the U.S. Postal Service includes a section on the Pony Express. This is a one-page PDF file.
Find out what people were wearing in the 1860s.
This lesson plan on the Pony Express incorporates math into the lesson.
This two page PDF file includes a writing prompt on the first page for journaling or discussing the Pony Express.
This site has a photograph of a Pony Express rider taken in 1861.
Read a biography about Pony Express rider William Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill.
This is a lesson plan for studying the Pony Express and other trails. The activity calls for students to make a brochure or a help wanted poster.
This lesson plan on the Pony Express includes a link to a short history of the pony express.

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