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Shakespeare: "Macbeth"

These sites have summaries, study questions, and lesson plans for the tragedy “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. Read the entire play online, take an online tour of the Glamis Castle, or watch a “Star Wars” version of the movie created by students. There are links to eThemes Resources on Shakespeare’s life and “Drama for Students.”


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This lesson is designed to help students understand how Shakespeare's language dramatizes one such emotion: fear. Includes guiding questions, learning objectives, preparation instructions, lesson activities, and ideas for extending the lesson.
In this lesson students explore Macbeth's state of mind and the motives behind his increasing evil. Includes guiding questions, learning objectives, lesson activities, and ideas for extending the lesson.
This 16-page PDF teacher's guide explores ideas for discussing the plot, theme, characters, literary devices, language, dramatic interpretations, writing and discussion activities, relationship of characters, analysis, and extended learning activities.
These "Macbeth" activities include an iambic pentameter review sheet, iambic pentameter practice, anticipation guide, historical background, Shakespeare cheat sheet, pre-reading activities, post reading activities, and dramatic irony.
This seven-page PDF includes activities for "Macbeth" Act 1, including picture and quotation matching, and comprehension questions.
Read a summary of the play "Macbeth."
This powerpoint presentation is a good introduction to the play.
This is a short quiz on the play.
This student-created website includes a summary, list of characters, and interesting lines from the play. There is also information on the real, historical Macbeth.
Read this encyclopedia article about the historical Macbeth. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This site includes theme openers, crosscurricular activities, and research assignment ideas. There are also links to further reading materials and related reading materials.
These sites explore the theater and give ideas for including drama in the classroom. There is also information about the history of theater and the designs of theaters. Some sites list common terms used in the theater world. Also includes scripts for children, games, and lesson plans.
Learn about William Shakespeare, the places he lived, and the time period he lived in. Read the full text of some of his most popular works. Make a virtual visit to Anne Hathaway's cottage or Stratford-Upon-Avon. Try an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of Shakespeare, plus try to identify which words he invented. Visit an old Renaissance town and see what life was like in Shakespeare's time.

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