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These sites explain the history of corn and what makes corn pop. There are math and science activities involving corn, nutritional information, instructions for growing your own corn, and an eThemes resource on agriculture.


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This site is all about popcorn, its nutritional value, how it pops, its history, and more. Click on "For Kids" for worksheets on using popcorn in math lessons. Hold your mouse over "For Kids," then choose "Games" for some interactive activities.
This site discusses the science behind popping corn as well as some amazing corn discoveries.
Here is a simple classroom activity involving popcorn.
A text-heavy site full of information about popcorn, including its history, its uses, and where it's grown. NOTE: Reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is valuable information for teachers.
Here is a funny script for a short play about eating popcorn.
This page describes a math and science activity involving popcorn. Scroll down to read some popcorn facts.
Find out the answer to why popcorn pops in this short article. At the end are three experiments that you can try to better understand how popcorn pops. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links, ads, and a banner ad.
Here are instructions for growing and harvesting your own popcorn plants.
This site includes information about farming today. Learn about modern day techniques such as crop rotation, organic farming, and hydroponics. See farm equipment that is used by farmers. An eThemes on Dairy Farming is included.

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