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Quilts: Literature Activities

These sites provide information and activity ideas about children’s books that reference quilts and quilting, such as “The Keeping Quilt,” “The Patchwork Quilt,” and many others. Includes interactive games of quilting vocabulary and links to eThemes resources on Quilts: Past and Present and Quilts: Underground Railroad.


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This lesson explores how throughout history quilts have been used for diversive purposes from keeping warm, to decorating homes, to expressing political views and remembering loved ones. Lesson plan includes: guiding questions, learning objectives, preparation instructions, lesson activities, and extension activities.
This 11 page PDF explores the role of quilting in history; includes keywords and vocabulary, guiding questions, facts vs. myths about America's quilting past,link to relevant literature, background information, artist profile, American Indian and multicultural connection, word search, assessment rubric,resources, and suggestions for extended learning.
Here is a discussion of quilting as it relates to historical fiction books. NOTE: This site contains a banner ad.
This activity is based on "Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt." The students construct a quilt square that represents the Civil War. NOTE: This site contains ads and a pop-up.
This game lets you play matching, flashcards, and concentration games. You can also do a word search using quilting vocabulary.
This page give lessons to do in the classroom and in the library about quilts.
For this activity, students bring in scraps and make a coat as a class. NOTE: This site contains ads and sponsored links.
Here is a bibliography of books about quilts and quilting that can be integrated into a cross curricular unit. NOTE: Several of the external lesson plan links are broken.
Look at quilts throughout history including patterns and design construction. Covers quilts from the United States, Great Britain, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and elsewhere. Includes classroom activity ideas, audio recordings of quilt makers, an online game, and many photos of quilt patterns. Underground Railroad quilts are found on some sites. Includes an eThemes resource on Quilts: Literature Activities.
These sites are about the Underground Railroad and the secret codes it used. Here you can find background information, a glossary of code terms, maps, and interactive features. Students can design their own quilt blocks and learn about African American quilting traditions. Included is an eThemes resource on the Underground Railroad.

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