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Safety: Outdoor Fun

These sites include safety information about outdoor activities such as bicycling, skateboarding, scooters, and inline skating. Also covers safety in boats, pools, lakes, water parks, camping areas, and playgrounds.


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Several questions about boats and boating are answered. "More Stuff" has information about types of boats and what equipment to bring aboard.
This two-page PDF file has tips on choosing a good helmet and how to wear one.
Learn about different types of life jackets and life preservers and why it is important to wear these in the water.
Here are several handy tips about swimming in pools, lakes, and water parks.
Here are several tips about riding a bicycle and staying safe.
Use the menu on the right to browse through safety tips for other various outdoor activities.
This site provides information about water safety for kids. Includes interactive games, activity book, and e-card. You can choose to view the site either in HTML or Flash format.
Choose "Kids" from a menu on the left and learn about how to be safe from the sun when you are outside. Includes games and a certificate.
Learn about outdoor safety tips such as heat stress, pool safety, and lawn mower safety.
Click on links for information and games about indoor and outdoor activities.
Learn what to do when young children fall.
Learn about camping tips and dangers. Also what to prepare when go camping.

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