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Thirteen Colonies: Daily Life

These sites are about daily life in colonial period. Learn about the colonists’ education, clothing, chores, and games. Includes online quizzes and some videos. There are links to the eThemes Resources on the early settlements of North America, the Pilgrims, and colonial occupations/trades.


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Try this fun interactive investigation into colonial life and learn more about the people who lived during this time period.
Move your mouse over the different parts of this 18th-century painting to read about different aspects of daily life in Colonial America.
Read this article written by students and learn about toys and games in colonial Maryland.
Join this celebration of life in 1700s and learn about the colonial lifestyle. Explore this site to learn what kids' lives were like in Colonial times. Read about school, transportation, household chores, and more. Includes activities and videos.
This student-created site has good background information about the colonies. Click on "Colonial Government" for reasons why people came to America.
Try this online quiz and test your knowledge.
Pick from three online games about colonial time.
This site has videos about famous moments in American History, including the colonial time period. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Use the links at the left to view images of colonial clothing. There is also information about different people who lived during this time.
This is a lesson plan about the life of colonists.
Use these links to view illustrations of currency from the different colonies and early states.
This site has information on the early history of Georgia.
Learn about the life and times of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth in 1620 and established a colony. Includes an eThemes Resource on the Mayflower Voyage.
These sites are about early European settlement of North America. There is information about Spanish, English, French, and Dutch colonization, including period images and maps. Find out what daily life was like for kids, men, and women. Included are two related eThemes resources on Colonial life.
These links are about colonial craftsmen. Learn about the trades and occupations of the settlers in the colonies of North America. There are many links to sites with information on the various colonial trades/occupations, some of which were created by students. There are also links to sites on life and customs in New Amsterdam and other colonies, lesson plans and activities on the bartering system and interdependence, and videos on the use of the tools the colonists would have used. Also includes links to the eThemes Resources on daily life in the thirteen colonies and the early settlement of North America.

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