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Transportation: Covered Wagons

These sites explain the different types of covered wagons that were used by pioneers to traverse the Oregon Trail in the late 19th century. Topics include the materials, dimensions, usage, manufacturers, cost, and durability of this primitive mode of transportation.


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This article walks you through the process of building your own covered wagon. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This unit on pioneer travel allows students to interact with specific content about the experiences, adventures and challenges pioneers endured during their travel west.Includes: introductionk, aim, rationale, learners, prerequisites, subject-matter, goals and objectives,instructional plan, acceptable use policy, and resources.
This unit study on the Oregon Trail includes general resources, web resources, cooking/arts and crafts, and fiction/non-fiction. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read a brief description and see a picture of the "Overland Wagon," another wagon that was used on the Oregon Trail. The site also has an audio clip of a women telling her story of what heading west was like.
Read about which animal is best for pulling a wagon. Includes video of interviews with three historians. Explore this site for links to diaries written by pioneers about their experiences on the trail.
This site gives instructions for making a covered wagon out of a milk carton. NOTE: Print this page out because the site has many links to advertisements.
This eTheme includes biographical information about Kit Carson, the Whitman Massacre, Independence Rock in Wyoming, and lives of the emigrants on the Mormon Pioneer Trail.
These sites have information about the Oregon Trail during the time of Westward expansion. Includes timelines, maps, and photographs. Find out what life was like for children who traveled on the trail. There are links to eThemes Resources on covered wagons, pioneers, other Western trails, and chapter books about the Oregon Trail.

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