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Iraq War

These sites are about Iraq and the war in Iraq. Students can find resources to help them analyze and discuss different aspects of this topic. Movies, audio files, editorials, and maps, are provided. Included are eThemes resources on Iraq and helping students understand the war in Iraq.


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This site for children has "Pictures," "Quizzes," and much more. NOTE: The "Talk" and "Chat" link leads to message boards.
Students can download this 26 page PDF file authored by the Library of Congress. This report contains factual information about Iraqi geography, society, economy, politics, and more.
This site has comprehensive information on various topics. Various researchers in the Library of Congress provide the information in chapter format.
Students can watch a video of Shields and Brooks and their opinions on the Iraq war.
This site has many links to stories on Iraq. There are also several audio files, interactive maps, special features, and lesson plans.
Students can investigate "An Oral History" "War Stories" or "Weapons and Technology." Watch the video "The Dramatic Countdown to War."
This site chronicles the history of America's relationship with Saddam Hussein leading up to the 2003 invasion.
Watch a video on the debate about troop levels for the invasion of Iraq. Students can also explore "Interviews," "A Chronology," and "Analysis."
Watch the entire two-part series online. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and links to a discussion board.
This site has a gallery of the American fatalities in Iraq. Click on "America at War" for more stories. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Watch this video "Wage Peace Movie." Click on "10 Reasons Why the US Must Leave Iraq."
Students can read or listen to many stories about Iraq.
Site includes a chronology "From Desert Storm to Desert Fox."
This site has various news articles on the war in Iraq and the war in Lebanon.
This site proposes that the US went to war with Iraq because of oil interests.
This site has polling results on the question of Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Students can download stability and security reports in PDF format.
This site contains a series of articles and video features about the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein. NOTE: This site links to video footage from the actual execution.
Here is an index of articles about the conflict in Iraq, including photos, interviews, and video clips.
Watch or read President Obama's official statement of the end of the U.S. military presence in Iraq. NOTE: This site includes ads and a moderated discussion board.
These sites have tips to help educators answer students' questions about the war with Iraq. Includes information about identifying students who are upset and advice on how to help them cope. There are activities to prompt students to discuss their feelings. Other sites let students post their artwork online or send a message to troops.
Learn more about Iraq and its geography, people, and culture. Includes the latest news reports on the current conflict, plus information about Saddam Hussein. There are maps, pictures, video clips, lesson plans, and online news sites for kids.

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