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Alabama: History

Learn about the history of Alabama and the people who lived in the area. There is information about local legacy, notable people, and historical landmarks and architecture. Includes historical maps, primary documents, timelines, and activity sheets. There are links to eThemes Resources on Alabama state facts, state symbols, and famous people.


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Read about Alabama history. Includes a timeline, events by month in the history, and activity sheets.
Read general information about the history and historic figures of Alabama. Includes information such as geography and a state quiz. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about local legacies of Alabama. Scroll down to find more stories at the bottom of the page.
See this collection of historical maps of Alabama.
Learn more about this historic village, comprised of more than 50 restored buildings in Montgomery.
This page contains information about famous Alabamians in various areas including sports, business, military, music, and more.
See a list of historical landmarks in Alabama as well as brief information about each place.
This site includes information about Alabama state history, state symbols, education, economy, statistics, as well as fun facts about the state. Explore state maps and take a quiz to test your knowledge on Alabama geography.
Learn about the official state symbols of Alabama including the flag, seal, flower, mascot, and other animals. There are printouts, fact sheets, pictures, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on Alabama state facts.
Learn about famous people from Alabama from a wide variety of disciplines. Read about famous leaders, writers, military personnel, musicians, athletes and many more. Includes eThemes Resources on Helen Keller and Rosa Parks.

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