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Anatomy: Circulatory System

These sites provide information about the circulatory system for the upper grades. Learn about the different organs of the circulatory system and their functions. There are animations, online quizzes, games, and interactive tours of this system. eThemes Resource on the heart, respiratory system, and body systems for younger students are linked.


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This circulatory system activity for middle school students includes discussion questions and interactive media. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
This resource can help younger students to learn about how the circulatory system works. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
Watch an animation about the circulatory system and then take a quiz on what you've seen.
Print out a matching worksheet on the circulatory system. Click on "Print" for a printable version. Includes an answer key. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
Read about the heart, the central organ of the circulatory system. Click and drag the heart animation at the top to rotate the heart or watch it beating.
This video explains how the circulatory system and the heart work. NOTE: This site includes a message board.
Students can read about blood vessels and the three parts of your circulatory system: pulmonary, coronary, and systemic circulation. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
These hands-on activities allow students to explore the circulatory system by using stethoscopes, microscopes, and more. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
This student-created ThinkQuest website provides a wide-ranged introduction to the human heart and the circulatory system. Also includes information on heart diseases and their symptoms. There are a lot of pictures that demonstrate how this system works.
This is a multiple choice quiz over the circulatory system and its parts.
Test your knowledge of the circulatory system with this online matching or flashcard game.
This PBS explains how blood and the circulatory system work together. Click on "Follow the Flow" for a circulatory system animation.
This PBS site has a detailed diagram of the heart, interesting heart facts, and information on heart transplants. "Operation Heart Transplant" has an interactive heart transplant operation. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about the circulatory system and its parts, then take a quiz to test your knowledge.
Find out specifically what the heart is, what it does, and how to keep it healthy. Learn the structure of the heart and the circulation system. Includes printouts, interactive images, online game, and quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes resource on the circulatory system for older kids.
These sites have information about the respiratory system for students in the upper grades. Discover the structure and functions of this system's organs. Includes videos, diagrams, online games, and quizzes about the respiratory system. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on human body systems for younger grades.
Learn about the different human body systems and how they function in these sites that are written for elementary students. Includes illustrations, animated movies, online quizzes, and interactive tours of the body. There are links to several eThemes Resources on anatomy for older students.

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