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Animals: Betta Fish

These websites are about Betta fish or Siamese Fighting fish. Learn about the origins, lifespan, biology, habitat, anatomy, breeding, food, and behaviors of Betta fish. Includes care tips and pictures.


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Read information about Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish. Includes information about their habit, living conditions, how they breathe, and where they originate. There is also information and pictures of the Crown Tail and Twin Tail Beta at the end of a page. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out about history, behavior, anatomy, finnage, and color of Bettas. Includes Betta jargons. Note: Use a menu on the left to navigate the site. These links have Google banner ads.
This site provides comprehensive information about the fish. Topics cover origin, habitat, care, breeding, and diseases. Includes showcases and pictures. Note: This site includes links to external websites.
Learn about the breeding condition and tank size for the Siamese Fighting fish. Click `Gallery' to find see pictures of the fish.
Read this article to learn more about history, breed, temperament, lifespan, and maintenance of Siamese Fighting fish. Note: This site includes ads and a link to discussion forum.
This site provides comprehensive information about Betta such as origins, behavior, biology, senses, types of Betta, diseases, tank conditions, water condition, food, and setting up tank guideline. Note: This site includes ads.
Read a Q&A between a student and a scientist on Betta fish and respiration.
Learn detailed information about the physical description and habitat of betta fish. NOTE: This site includes links that lead away from the page. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
This lesson plan outlines how students can learn about the behaviors of Betta fish by performing an experiment. NOTE: Many of the links on this site are broken.

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