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Animals: Chickens

These sites have many facts about chickens, including their diet, behavior, life cycle, feathers, and breeds. Watch a time-lapse video of a chicken hatching, complete the online jigsaw puzzle, or try one of the many egg activities. Included is an eThemes resource on birds.


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This is a comprehensive site that follows the development of the chicken embryo from day one to day 21, when the chicken hatches. View many photographs showing each stage.
Click on the movie link at the left to watch a time-lapsed video of a chicken hatching. Requires QuickTime. There is also a link to "Egg Development."
This chicken illustration can be printed out for coloring. The page includes information about a chicken's anatomy and diet.
This commercial site has pictures of baby chickens. Turn up the volume to hear the rooster and chicken noises.
This is an online jigsaw puzzle game. The difficulty can be adjusted by clicking "Shapes" from the left menu and selecting one from the pop-up options. Fun for the SMARTboard.
Read about chickens and their behavior, including how they build their nests.
This two-page PDF file provides a chicken illustration for coloring and labeling the parts of a chicken. The second page provides the answers.
Learn how feathers protect a chicken and what the different markings are called. There are many more links at the bottom to other topics on chickens and eggs.
This site has audio clips of a hen and rooster.
Learn fascinating egg facts and try to answer some egg questions. The site has lots of colorful pictures.
This site includes puzzles, jokes, tricks, activities and other games about eggs. Click on "Nutrition" to learn more facts about eggs.
These sites include information about several different types of birds, including a gallery of the official state birds. Learn about their physical characteristics and habitats and listen to their calls. View photographs, short videos, and live Webcams. Includes links to eThemes Resources on barn owls, raptors, penguins, cardinals, and chickens.

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