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Animals: Clydesdales

Learn about Clydesdale horses, which are a breed of draft horses. Find out how much these large animals eat, how tall they are, and the size of their enormous hooves. There is information about their behavior, characteristics, and history. There is also a children’s story about Ted the Clydesdale. Includes many photographs. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on horses.


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Read this encyclopedia entry about Clydesdale horses.
Read answers to common questions about Clydesdale horses. Find out how tall they are and the size of their hooves.
This site has definitions for common horse terms including stallion, mare, withers, and more.
Read about the history of the breed on this page.
This Australian site has answers to common questions. Find out how much Clydesdales eat and if they are the biggest horse in the world.
Print out this page to color the illustration of a Clydesdale horse.
Read about the history of the Clydesdale horse. Click on "Photo Gallery" to see photographs.
Learn about different horse breeds and how to properly groom and feed a horse. Includes many photographs, a video, online games, coloring pages, and trivia questions.

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