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Animals: Green Sea Turtles

These sites provide information about green sea turtles, the largest sea turtle in the Cheloniidae family. Learn about their habitat, behavior, life cycle, distribution, and causes of endangerment. Includes interactive maps of sea turtles distribution and lesson plans. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on sea turtles.


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Read information about the green sea turtle including taxonomy, species, habitat, distribution, population trends, causes of endangerment, regulatory, recovery plans, and pictures.
This 4-page PDF file article is written for kids to learn about green sea turtles. Learn how the green turtles got their name, where they live, what they eat, what they look like, when females lay their eggs, and more.
This site provides more quick facts about green sea turtles.
Read a story about the turtle disease, fibropapillomas, which causes the green sea turtle to die. Illustrations are included.
Read through these facts about green sea turtles. NOTE: This site includes ads.
From this interactive map, you can choose to view the locations of green turtles by different time frames and countries.
This site provides the tracking results of the green turtles by using a satellite. Read some interesting stories about the green sea turtles' time around the islands and their migration.
A 3-page pdf lesson plan aims to help students learn about low survival rate of the green sea turtles due to natural predators and man through discussion and role-play.
In this lesson plan, students will investigate reasons and factors for significant difference in vulnerability to predators between the green turtle and the loggerhead turtle.
These sites have information about different species of sea turtles. Learn about their physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. There is also information about the Galapagos Islands and the endangered tortoises that live there. Includes videos, photographs, and an online game.

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