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Aviation: Activities for Junior and High School Students

These sites have classroom activity ideas and unit plans about aviation. Learn how aircraft fly and try to solve word problems and other mathematical equations relating to aviation. Includes links to eThemes resources on Transportation: Aircraft, Aviation: Military Aircraft, and Aviation: Wright Brothers.


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This site has classroom activity ideas for aviation for students of all ages.
This site provides a list of activities related to aviation.
Learn about aerodynamics and mathematical concepts in this unit. This is appropriate for high-school students.
This is a high school unit that combines aviation and mathematics.
Solve word problems relating to aviation in this high school unit.
This unit includes a word scramble and examples of aviation math. Also includes activities for studying aviation history.
This experiment allows students to learn about th importance of distance-rate-time in air traffic control.
This site includes numerous experiments about airplane parts, flying, compasses, and weather.
This is a web-based virtual activity that engages students to solve real-life air traffic management problems. Tutorials, practices, and research information are included.
This classroom activity uses a case of the airplane Stardust to help students understand how a hypothesis changes based on new evidence.
A series of five lesson plans designs to help students exploring a subject of aviation in classroom. They cover topics of air pressure, aerodynamics, innovations of aviation, and policy issues relating to aviation.
These sites tell about military aviation. Most sites are media-rich and include images and videos of different aircraft.
Information on the history of aviation. Includes photographs of different types of aircraft, principles and concepts of flight and plane construction, women in aviation, and how to construct paper airplanes.
These sites are about the Wright Brothers and their early airplanes. Includes biographies on Wilbur and Orville that tell about their family and careers. Discover what inspired them to build planes. Contains historical photographs, movies, diaries, interviews, and simulations. There is an eThemes Resource on Transportation: Aircraft linked.

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