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Country: Philippines

Learn more about the Philippines and its geography, history, and culture. Find out about the woman who serves as the country’s president. There is also information about the country’s endangered animals, plus some popular folktales.


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This page from National Geographic has information about the Sierra Madre Mountains and species of some animals within the rainforest. Click on "More Photos" to view additional images.
Print and color the flag for the Philippines.
Pusa At Aso means cat and dog in Tagalog. This game originated in the Philippines. Read or print the instructions.
This travel site has information about the Philippines, including its culture, history, and sites to see. Also includes a slideshow of life in the Philippines.
This site from the Library of Congress has a timeline and a photo gallery of Philippine Insurgents. Click on "literature" to find a list of books dealing with the Spanish-American War. This is a good site for older students.
Print out this unlabeled map of the Philippines.
This site has information about Philippines' geography, people, government, transportation, and more. Includes a map.
This site has lots of factual information about the Philippines, including its early history.
Learn about this endangered Philippine eagle that eats monkeys.
This site is all about endangered turtles. These turtles were tracked, although their signals are no longer being picked up. Use the links at left to read more about this program.
This is a map with labels for cities, highways, and railroads.
This site has basic information about the Philippines, including its government. Includes a photo of the current president.
Read some folktales from the Philippines. NOTE: the links at the bottom take you to pages with many external links that should be checked before sharing with students.
This official Filipino government site has lots of information about the country. Click on the box at right about the president to read her biography.

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