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Dance History

These sites explain the origins of different dancing styles, such as jazz, tap, break and square dancing. Includes pictures and movie clips of dance performances.


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This lesson provides videos, websites and plans to each a unit on ballet, hip hop, and several additional dances.
Several modern dance instructors discuss the evolution of modern dance.
Watch this engaging video which creates a timeline for dance. Ballet is covered along with several additional dances. Links to additional videos on dance are provided.
This site is about the contributions of African dance to the characteristics of dance in America.
This PBS site traces the history of dance from African slaves.
This is a curriculum guide with lesson plans about teaching the history of black dance.
Read the legend of this famous Africa-American Choreographer, Cholly Atkins.
This is a student-created site about ballet dancing. Learn about the history and techniques.
This video directory has 75 movie clips that show different dances from various time periods.
Read about the origins of this type of dance why it is dangerous. NOTE: The site has links to ads.
Read a brief description of square dancing and its history.
This site provides information about the history of various dance styles.
Learn how ballet can trace its origins to Italy during the Renaissance.
This site for younger children is about different types of dancing around the world. Includes games. Click on "Lucky Dip" for an alphabet that focuses on different types of dances from alternative rhythms to zambra.

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