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Famous People: Norman Rockwell

These sites are about American artist Norman Rockwell. Learn about his artwork and its influence on American culture. There are biographies on Rockwell’s life and career. View some examples of his work. Includes classroom activities.


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In this activity, students examine the histories of patriotic emblems and explore ways in which this type of artwork uses these emblems to demonstrate the ideals they embody. One of the pieces to be studied is Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Fear poster.
After viewing artwork, students will discuss the various events in the image and thoughts of the characters. Next students write about one of the characters from his or her point of view.
In this lesson, students will examine work by Norman Rockwell to understand how his work is reflective of American values. Viewing the PBS special edition DVD on Norman Rockwell is necessary for this lesson.
After examining the Norman Rockwell painting, Freedom of Speech, students will discuss how the painting illustrates this right. First Amendment rights in daily life will also be discussed.
Read about the life and work of Norman Rockwell.
Learn about Rockwell's "Four Freedoms" paintings that helped sell war bonds.
This biography related important facts about Rockwell's life and what he thought of his artwork.
This page shares interesting details about the life of Norman Rockwell.
This transcript of the t.v. show has different experts give their opinions of Rockwell and his work.
In this activity students will study a Rockwell painting and then write a scene to go with it. They will also act out the scene.

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