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Geography: Central America

These sites for high-school students are about the countries in Central America and feature several maps. Includes information about the political instability of several of the nations. Learn about the building of the Panama Canal and its return to Panama. Includes information on guerilla warfare and the history behind it. There are also links to eThemes Resources on countries in Central America.


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Choose a Central American country for facts about the country including population, religion, government, and more.
Point to the country and its name and capital pops up. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are several articles about the current state of politics in Central America. Be aware that one article discusses the child sex trade involving minors that occurs in Central America (look at the titles to see which article).
This article discusses America's involvement with Central America and its drug smuggling problem. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site is from the Panama Canal Authority. Scroll down to find an animation of "How it Works." "Canal History" has text about the building of the canal and the transition of its owners. "Live Camera" lets you visit the canal.
This site provides background information on the government and politics for each country. Click on a Central American country to read about it.
View photographs and read about the history of the canal.
This Smithsonian online exhibit is about the building of the Panama Canal.
This article is about President Roosevelt and his determination to build the Panama Canal.
This is an extensive site about the history of the Panama Canal and its handover to Panama. There are news articles, photos, audio clips, and a quiz.
This site offers primary documents from the building of the canal such as photos, letters, and stories. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Click on a country in Central America for a more detailed map and information about traveling in that country. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Click on map to find a correct location of each country in Central America.
In this lesson plan, students will compare and contrast the terrain of Mexico and the Central American countries. Then they will learn how geography shapes the economic and cultural development of a country or region. NOTE: This site contains ads and links to external sites.
These sites are about El Salvador, a country in Central America. Learn about the country's history, wildlife, and geography. There are also links to information about Hispanic culture, including timelines and famous Hispanic Americans.
Learn about Honduras, the second largest country in Central America. Read about its geography, people, history, land, and more. See photographs and a video that show the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, which killed thousands of people in 1998. Find out about the ancient Mayan civilization that once lived in the area. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on ancient civilizations.
Learn about Costa Rica, a country in Central America. There is information about the history, geography, climate, people, and economy of this country. You can see photos of different famous places and listen to the national anthem. Includes interactive maps, suggested activities when visiting the country, as well as rainforest and ecotourism resources. There is a link to the eThemes Resource on Habitat: Rainforests.

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