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GPS Activities

These sites provide ideas, activities, lesson plans, and projects to incorporate Global Positioning System (GPS) in curriculum. Includes a searchable database, data sets, and GIS applications. There is a link to eThemes Resource on GPS Systems and Geocaching.


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This site provides information about Global Position Systems and its applications in various industries.
This site provides information about GPS, its history, applications, and how it works. Includes animations and games. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
Learn about GPS and how it is used in earthquake studies. There are activities at the bottom of page that go along with this unit.
This site has various activities created for learning science and GPS. NOTE: This site has links that lead to external websites.
This site provides information about GPS. Includes lesson plans, projects, and activities that go with GPS. NOTE: This site has links that lead to external websites.
This site has GPS activities that go along with Mathematics lessons.
This website compiles a list of GPS activities for students to investigate the application of a GPS system.
Learn about the GPS and its applications in different areas such as navigation, mapping the earth, managing the land, and science.
These are lessons with data available for download. The lessons were submitted by teachers for use in the classroom.
This site provides a curriculum module and data files for engaging students to local environmental issues through use of GIS.
Learn about a 24-satellite constellation situated around Earth to provide people with a Global Positioning System. Find out about new popular Geocaching game or GPS treasure hunt. Learn how to read clues of your surroundings and get oriented in unfamiliar places. Includes photographs, maps, and latitude and longitude finders.

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