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U.S. Flag

These sites are about the design of the early American flag. See how it changed over time as the country added more states. Learn about the controversy over who created the first flag – Betsy Ross or Francis Hopkinson. Includes the rules for displaying the flag, the symbolism of the colors and shapes, and information about Flag Day and the Pledge of Allegiance. There are links to eThemes Resources on Missouri’s flag and the 13 colonies.


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Read about flag day and the birthplace of Flag Day: Waubeka, Wisconsin. The links on the left of the page include information on the history, traditions, and educational aspects of Flag Day.
This lesson plan includes links to sites about activities and crafts associated with the American flag.
Learn how to fold a flag and the symbols for each fold. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to discussion boards.
Click on "History of the Flag" to read the story about how Betsy Ross convinced George Washington that the flag should have five-point stars instead of six-point stars. Includes instructions for creating the stars. There is a link to Betsy's biography. Explore the other links for flag etiquette, flag trivia, a timeline, and a picture gallery of flags. NOTE: The site includes a link to a moderated message board.
This is a timeline that highlights events about the flag. Includes tips for properly displaying it.
This site explains the meaning of the flag's three colors and the symbolism of the stars and stripes.
Read about one of the early American flags that includes an image of a rattlesnake. Find out the meaning behind this symbol.
Print out this page and have students design their own flags.
This site has printouts of the original flag design and the design that is used today. Students can compare the two and see how the flag has changed over time.
View images of the American flag and see how it has changed over time. Includes a list of the first 13 colonies.
Read the story behind the flag's nickname of "Old Glory."
This site has the rules for displaying the flag. Learn how the flag should be properly raised and lowered.
Learn how properly to display the flag. Includes illustrations.
Read the lyrics Francis Scott Key wrote in 1814.
Play the American Flag Scrambler. Scroll down the page and choose other American flag games. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites help students identify and learn about state flags, specifically focusing on the Missouri state flag. Includes lesson plans, activities, interactive quizzes, coloring pages, and lots of computer-made pictures of the Missouri flag and other state flags. Also includes information about flag designer Marie Elizabeth Oliver.
These sites are about the founding history of the first 13 colonies. Learn more about the history of each colony. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on colonial daily life.

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