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Literature: "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown

These site are about the book “Flat Stanley” and author Jeff Brown. Includes suggested activities to go along with the book. There is also an online quiz and crossword puzzle. See examples of student writing, artwork, and teacher Web sites devoted to Flat Stanley.


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Use this site for information about the "Stanley" series, projects, activities and more. Downloadable teaching guides are available for all the "Stanley" books.
This site provides links to additional "Stanley" sites and ideas for travel projects.
Use Flat Stanley as a basis for writing a "paragraph hamburger".
Did you know that Flat Stanley now has a mobile app and is on Facebook? Use this site to organize a Flat Stanley project.
This site has lots of fun ideas for having a Flat Stanley day at school.
Read a clear explanation of how to use Flat Stanley in the classroom.
See what types of things Flat Stanley learns at this Aikido school in California.

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