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Mackinac Bridge

Learn about Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge, the world’s third longest suspension bridge. Find out about the struggle it took to get this bridge built and the time it saves travelers. Includes historical and current photographs, maps, and live views from Webcams.


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This curriculum guide featues lessons on the Mackinac Bridge. Including a timeline and a lesson on citizen involvement in building the mackinac bridge.
This page has some information about the bridge. Click on the "Upper" and "Lower" links at the bottom to see a map of Michigan that includes the bridge.
See a live view of the bridge.
This site for students is about the Mackinac Bridge's construction and history. Use the links at the bottom to read all four pages.
Compare the Mackinac Bridge to other bridges in Michigan.
This page has a graph showing the number of bridge crossings from 2000 to 2002.

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